Our Terms


Minimum order: 12 items by reference and 20 ft container
Capacity : 10 x 40ft container per month.

BS 5852 Flammability Regulations:
We can supply Foam and Fabrics to conform with BS 5852. Our prices do not include BS 5852. Price for these materials on request.

Standard Delivery: approximately 60/75 days from receipt of down payment.
Monsoon Season Delivery (nov-mar): approximately 75/90 days.

Certificate of origin & GSP form "A": available on request
Fumigation certificate: Every container is fumigated, however, a certificate will only be issued on request.

Bespoke Items: Prices on request.


50 % on placing the order , the balance 50 % to be credited to the our account of Indonesia Bank, Furnitures on completion of the order to release the shipping documents.

Price and Volume commands :
While every care has been taken to provide accurate information at the time of the investigation , there may be some inaccuracies or variations especially when calculating m3 and load capability .

Prices may be subject to sudden changes due to modification suddenly Indonesian Rupiah against the Euro / USD . Therefore , part of our sales terms that all prices will be reconfirmed on order placement.

Currency : Unless specified otherwise , all our prices are in USD , ex - warehouse packed export Jepara , Indonesia .


Our ship from the port of Semarang Indonesia, shipping to the most international port takes about four weeks from Indonesia.
Main port delivery time worldwide:
USA west coast seaport 4 weeks.
USA east coast harbor 4-5 weeks.
USA west coast harbor 4-5 weeks.
England weeks 3-4 weeks
Port Europe 3-4 weeks
Middle East port 3-4 weeks.
Port Asia 2-3 weeks
The shipping volume is 20 '(twenty feet) - 40' (forty feet) - 40'HC (forty cubic feet high) containers.
All our shipping offers include document fees, local handling and transportation fees, port loading fees and all other local loads that are levied in your container shipping and packaging to your port.

DD.C (Document & Destination, Charge) Fee collected by destination port not included, Some international ports charge D.D.C upon arrival and handling your shipment at your local port. Contact your customs department for more information about D.D.C.

We AIFURINDO is not a cargo company and shall not be liable for any damage caused by shipping and handling of your order by the cargo company handling our shipment, even though we have our own cargo company, we strongly recommend that you use your own cargo company with your local Agent If You do not own a cargo company, we can advise several companies to choose from, but we are not responsible for the reliability or quality of service of the cargo company.
AIFURINDO is in very good cooperation with many reliable shippers and shipping lines, If no shipping is specified, we are free to point shipments for the best interests of customers.
For more info please send an email to us.

AIFUIRNDO would like to introduce as one of the producer and exporter of Indonesian Furniture with various kinds of mahogany furniture and teak wood both indoor and outdoor. We always use dry wood so that the durability of our products does not change while in container and at the same time undergo changes in the weather in Europe, Australia and the United States.

In the process of making Furniture we always put quality products such as wood selection, carving process, furniture construction, finishing process, making and safe seating. All of them provide the best comfort and quality for our customers.

Each product is made to our high standards by skilled carpenters and every result of our products always prioritizes quality excellence in the international market.